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Social media has made it easier for us to communicate and interact with each other across nations. It provides information that is easily accessible with a single click thereby making people much more aware of places in far distance. Nonetheless, these pieces of information also contains misconceptions, stereotypes and prejudices which could tarnish a country’s reputation.
What if we also employ social media to allow the locals to show another side of the story? These insights could change people’s perceptions and open their eyes to a world they did not realize exists.
Good insights comes from the engagement with the communities and needs to be properly delivered to wide-range of audience. To do that, knowledge of descriptive writing and the use of social media come in handy. In this project, students will work to tackle the question “How can we promote the image of our community to the world through social media?”.
During this project, they will be able to construct descriptive text based on topics chosen by the students and later produce a video to be shared on social media.





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